Siberia 2018

Обновлено: 20 нояб. 2019 г.

As usual, our team began the winter touring season in the snowy Siberia. This year Luzhba pleased both with heavy snowfalls and a long chain of clear days. And we were able to share all this joy with guests from Norway, Latvia, Russia and even China!

The photos clearly show the very snow conditions that riders from all over the world come to Siberia — soft, cold and deep. Terrain allows you to enjoy the ride, even with very heavy snowfalls.

A business card to stay with our company in Siberia is food! A three-time balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, and authoring dishes from your guides. One day — a mandatory barbecue, as a tribute to Georgia, where we spend the rest of the season.

In mid-December, a group from China visited us. For many of them this was the first experience in Russia and we did everything possible to keep them happy with their vacation. The cultural exchange was successful — our guests were delighted with nature, skiing and the simplicity of local life, and in return we were inspired by eastern gastronomic traditions.

One of the riders works as a professional television operator, and during his stay he filmed quite a lot of material for a small documentary film. We are really looking forward to the results of his work, it may even be possible to get it on the Chinese TV.

After a week of endless snowfalls came! Every day the slopes were completely reset and you could shred the mountain all over again. This short video from GoPRO will show the cinditions better than a thousand words.

And if you have always dreamed of trying snowsurf or noboard (a short snowboard without fasteners) — you just can not find better conditions than in Luzhba!

The time of the anticyclone came after the storm- the snow began to become denser, faster, a lot of terrain features appeared, opening up unlimited possibilities for the drops. And usually, at the same time cold weather comes but for an inspired team frost below 30 degrees celcius is not a hindrance, especially since the air in Siberia is dry and the low temperature is much easier endured.

We spent the languishing evenings in the traditionally Siberian occupation — making pelmeni!

Clear days significantly push the boundaries of our touring zone, we make tracks to even the most remote spots for our guests.

It’s been a great month in Siberia (as usual), if you want to participate in our tours — information and registration here: Luzhba 2019.

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