Siberia 2017 — Mamay

Good old Mamay. Something changes in this place, but something always remains the same — mostly it is a magnificent snow and fascinating views of a mighty Baikal lake. This year we decided to shoot with my friends a short video about our favorite Siberian spots — Mamai and Luzhba.

We were not very lucky with the weather — the sun pleased us only on the arrival and departure, so that it was not possible to shoot long-range plans and dynamic cadres with the drone. But everything has a flip side! Every day we were pleased with fresh portions of powder snow, and there was no shortage of beautiful shots.

The work of the guide (and also a part-time rider) in the process of shooting was very different from simple riding with the group. I had to manage many processes at once — moving shooting equipment, launching riders at the right time and in the right place, and the most important – navigation to these places.

The week flew by like one day, a sufficient amount of material was shot and the guys rode the best pow!

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