Siberia 2017 — Luzhba

December has come, and it means it is the time to travel to my favorite Siberian spot — Luzhba. Strangely enough, this season was exceptionally unusual — about 20 days without serious snowfalls. Given the serious competition in the form of other guides, finding spots without tracks was a non-trivial task, but damn interesting!

One thing pleased — the conditions of the snow, despite its small amount (about 95 cm), were amazing — soft, fluffy and fast — it skied perfectly even at gentle slopes where in common conditions it was necessary to push with the poles. And such a small snow cover did not hide all the terrain features from which it is so fun to drop — stumps, rocks, fallen trees — everything was there for the great pleasure of my guests.

With the first group of guys from Russia, we excellently explored a new corner not so far from lodge, but also after the guys gained strengh – moved to more distant, no less interesting spots. In total for 7 days we almost reached Everest in terms of elevation gain — 8779m!

After that, there was a week of filming, and although this time unlike Mamay was sunny, but Luzhba could not please us with neck-deep pow. However, forest runs, drops and pillow lines were successfully filmed. Even a small forest jib session!

And at the end of December guests from Finland came to visit us. The guys were very good at both touring and riding. Right before their arrival Siberia pleased us with half a meter of excellent champagne snow. And as you know, almost everyone leaves Luzhba for the New Year eve, we have practically all of this magnificent refreshed slopes just for us! It was not without evening barbecue and going to the sauna.

This year was the least snow season in Luzhba, but it is definitely the most interesting both in terms of exploration and in terms of skiing. It’s a pity, next year there is a great chance again to blow the bottomless powder.

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